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Workshop Tool Crib & Tool Tracking Software

Track… Maintain..Manage

Track tools and equipment with software

Telma Solutions offers tracking software designed to allow you to manage tools and equipment such as hand tools ,power tools or tool kits which is shared within your workshop /department .

♦ You can track who has borrowed a tools , where it is presently located,

♦ You can also maintain a history of who has used the tools

♦ Barcode software helps you track every last tool and equipment item that you own.

♦ Each tool will be linked to specific machinery/shop , any changes to the tools to equipment can also be such updated

♦ Categorize equipment using numerous tools or customize a classification of your own.

♦ Run reports that evaluate your inventory any way you want.

♦ Managing your equipment and supplies for tool cribs .

♦ Brings efficiency and accountability to those who share tools , work location , equipment within your organization.

♦ Keep an accurate count of how much of an item you have and know exactly when to reorder.

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